Is blockchain the future? (My best investment ever)

As you’re probably aware Cryptocurrencies and more importantly Bitcoin has ‘gone to the moon’ in the last 6 months. Whether you like crypto or not there are two important points to takeaway. Firstly, there are always opportunities to make money from investments even if you don’t agree with them and secondly, it looks like that crypto is here to stay based off all the buying activities from big institutions and global payment providers, so you might as well embrace it and try to make a bit of money from it.

At this current moment in time I believe we are going through a pivotal moment within the history of financial markets and financial technology. This has been bolstered by the recent events the WSB/GME/Robinhood saga. People want decentralised services and business, they want less government interaction and more freedom amongst the common man.

What does this all mean for me and you, the retail investor. Well, firstly it means that we might have better brokers in the near future so we can invest freely and efficiently without interruption or the brokers limiting what we want to do. But more importantly and on a more pressing note, there is an opportunity for decentralised businesses to become the next trend in the market. This ‘decentralised’ approach comes from the insurgence of blockchain technology. This allows for two users to process data to each other without it having to go through an authorising body. This technology will change the future of almost every industry. Therefore this will be the next area that I will be focusing on identifying within the stock market.

The first instance of blockchain technology being used is Crypto, firstly in 2017 where not many people understood it but now more importantly it has become a resurgence with proper understanding from the institutional world. This is the traction that was needed to confirm that blockchain technology is what the world wants.

This is where my investment in Argo Blockchain came in. I was too cautious to directly invest in crypto but realised that crypto was the initial use of blockchain technology, therefore I had to find another outlet which used the same technology but hadn’t yet received the same volume as direct crypto. Hence my investment in crypto mining companies, I personally believe that this was the second point of entry within the blockchain technology timeline.

Based off of this thinking I have currently been rewarded with a 2,200% gain in my position in Argo. Will I sell my position in the near future? Probably not. Why? I think this because Argo is quite a well run company compared to some of its North American rivals. Argo looks like it is strategically very capable furthermore the scalability of the business is straightforward. It’s a simple yet effective business plan and they’re doing very well with implementing their competitiveness. They’ve just announced they are buying huge warehouse space in Texas to increase how many rigs they can have, and they have also just managed to secure a deal with a rig supplier to buy rigs for less than the quoted price. These are the two main ways to increase the efficiency of the main business therefore I reckon this company has a bit of genuine momentum behind it.

Remember this is not financial advice and nothing I say on this website should be taken as financial advice.

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