Alternative Investments

How to make investing more fun.

There are many ways to invest and make money consistently but for some people it can be difficult or not that interesting. This is where alternative investments come in. They can be way more fun than the traditional stock market and real estate investments, and sometimes they can even return a higher %.

If you’re a younger person you probably see on YouTube the recent craze in Pokemon cards. As strange as it seems they can be quite a good investment. At the end of the day there’s a market for everything and a market is made up of buyers and sellers and they work off of the laws of supply and demand. So as long as there are some people interested in it and the item you’re interested in has a limited supply, then you can make an investment out of it. The original base set Pokemon cards are worth the most and after popular YouTuber, Logan Paul, posted several videos about him investing in them and opening the base set packs. The Pokemon cards have once again gained a lot of popularity, even more Pokemon channels on YouTube are being launched and millions and millions of views each day are dedicated to watching people show off their collections. This means one thing, increase in demand. This means that the price of these cards are going to keep rising with the continued exposure. Personally I think the price of the valuable cards are too high to get into at the moment, but who knows.

Pokemon cards are not the only alternative investments. I bet there’s something that you are interested in that can be turned into an investment. Here’s a popular one, do you like to have a drink? If so, you can invest in wine, champagne, whiskey or Gin. If you’re not a drinker, maybe art work is more your kind of thing or movie memorabilia. Even sports memorabilia. The bottom line is, if there’s a market, it can be an investment.

If you want to find an alternative investment that suits you, you need to answer these 3 questions.

  1. Is it something I’m interested in and won’t mind spending a good amount of time researching?
  2. Are there frequent buyers and sellers of this item?
  3. Is there limited supply of this item?

If it’s a yes to all of those then you’ve found an alternative investment with potential.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post 🙂


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