Blog 15: What’s in my portfolio? – Corona Edition

Throughout the pandemic there have been numerous opportunities in the financial markets:

I now have nine different positions open I’ve bought 18 shares of Aston Martin which are currently up 5.11%. This can be deemed as a speculative play considering the financial fundamentals of Aston Martin aren’t that great however I believe that the brand of Aston Martin is so culturally engrossed in the UK that it’s a business that many customers and investors would hate to see disappear. Therefore I’ve added this position as somewhat of a recovery place for two main reasons the first is the after mentioned reason of the brand and the second is the revival of its racing routes namely in Formula One. Billionaire Lawrence stroll has led a consortium to be the major shareholder of Aston Martin which now means that Aston Martin will have its racing team in 2021 this brings in a lot of commercial exposure and that is helped by the signing for time world champion Sebastian Vettel. This position isn’t a large one in my portfolio but it is one I believe that will appreciate in value therefore I expect that once the 2021 Formula One season starts I should be up at least 15 to 20%.

I’ve bought 25 shares of Centamin which is now up 11.68%. I will talk about the reasons for buying this company later as it is part of my precious metals hedging strategy. I will look to add to this position as it pays dividends and is quite diversified with its various metals mining and global distribution.

I haven’t added any positions to my iShares FTSE 250 ETF. I still have 21.9 units which is up 17.2% but I wish I bought more during late March where there was an important buying opportunity. This is a long-term play as it is an ETF that on average increases between 10 and 14% each year so I’m not too worried about missing the buying opportunity because the plan is always to keep buying regardless of if it’s a great opportunity or not. This is because that’s the maths of compounding so I shall look out for more opportunities and if they’re there great if they’re not I will keep buying.

During the middle stage of the pandemic I bought 2.3 units of I shares physical gold ETF which it is currently up to 2.8%. My plan is to keep holding this Gold ETF along with any other precious metals positions in my portfolio as I believe that rate of inflation is going to keep rising dangerously because of the amount of QE that the US has undertaken. I believe that the dollar (Global currency) has been devalued. So these precious metals positions have been used as a hedge against that possibility.

The next position I have is 44 shares in JD Wetherspoon. This is an interesting position because I first invested in this company in late March, near the beginning of ‘Lockdown’ in the UK. I managed to pick up about 30 shares for around £8 each and considering they were trading at around £16 before ‘Lockdown’ I thought this was quite the steal. Over the past few months I have seen this position return over 30% but I have not once been tempted to sell because I believe that once this is all over say in a year or so time, I can stand to make near 90% on this position. Currently I am down 5% as the UK government has reintroduced strict lockdown measures and there was a news article published that 60 employees at Wetherspoons had contracted COVID. I am not worried by this as it only presents another buying opportunity. Fundamentally the stock is undervalued and if you visit a ‘spoons’ you see that it is as busy as normal. So the general business functions are largely unaffected. I will continue to increase my positions in this company and wait to see a large return in the next 12-24 months.

My next addition is one of Billionaire, Chamath Palihapitiya’s SPAC’s. Namely, Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings II Corp (IPOB). I am somewhat intrigued by the investments of Chamath as I found out who he was through my investment in Virgin Galactic which ill talk about later. IPOB is a blank cheque company which is one of the latest trends in financial markets as it allows an accessible way to invest in private companies. This SPAC bought a company called Opendoor, which is an online real estate website effectively that gives you a cash quote on your house. I have only bought 4 shares as this is more of a speculative play for me. We are currently up only 2.2% after being up 11% on the day I bought.

The next Company I have a position in is try tax big box are EIT I currently own 122 shares and the position is up 15.9% this has been quite a good investment this year as I managed to pick it up for £1.36 per share and is now trading at £1.58 per share it also pays quarterly dividends and overall is a fundamentally solid business as they have large customers such as Amazon I will look to add to this position in the future.

One of my favourite investment of the past year has been in virgin Galactic I bought around 10 shares when they were around $9 since then they have reached ties $33 this is currently sitting at around $17 over the last few months I have added to my position to have 24 shares in total and an average price of $14. This position has been as high as 300% but I have never been asked to sell as I believe it has far higher to go at the moment it is sitting at 21.8% return which is still great Whichever way you think about it but I shall continue to hold and buy. I believe this Company could be worth over $100 in the next two years once it finally put customers in space. This company has backing from a lot of Financial giants including Richard Branson Chamath Palihapitiya and investment banks such as JP Morgan. Therefore if the stock price dips below $14 I shall buy more.

Finally, position in WisdomTree physical silver ETF. This is a hedge play the same as the gold ETF and sentiment and I think once a lot of the financial world realises the devaluation of the dollar and it’s a fact I believe that silver could become quite a good speculative play for capital growth therefore I’ve tried to reduce risk as much as possible by using an ETF but still have the exposure I need I’m currently up 15.2%.

These are all my positions in the portfolio if you want to see them in greater detail for example the exact value amounts I have invested then you can head over to my Instagram @xelafinance.

If you’re interested in starting investing are use an app called trading 212 and if you download it using this link you will get a free share valued from £1 up to £100.

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