Blog 7: The best investments of the last decade

There are quite a few investments in here that you’d expect to be and a couple that you probably wouldn’t

  1. Apple

This is one of the companies you’d expect to be on this list. This is because since 2010 apple has gone from $30.28 per share to $322 per share (at time of writing) which is a gain of 956%. Which is crazy when you think about as that is almost 100% a year on average.

A lot of this growth is seen from the emergence of apple products within the Chinese markets for example the iPhone 5c. The continuation of the iPhone series saw increased popularity and numerous years of record breaking sales. In the latter years of the 2010’s we saw the introduction of apples wearable products, namely the Apple Watch and the apple AirPods. Which by themselves would still make it as one of the top 5 largest companies in the US

2. Netflix

Netflix was priced at $7.61 per share in 2010 and rose to $375.20 (at time of writing) which is a gain of 4,719%. If you thought the apple return was crazy, this is 4x better than apple. That’s an average of 471.9% return a year. Mental.

The gain was attributed to the ever growing industry that is video streaming and how Netflix was able to dominate market share within this industry. This could potentially be one of the best investments for the next 10 years but it will be hard to say now that more competitors are entering the market i.e Disney Plus

3. Alphabet

Alphabet is the parent company of google if you didn’t know. It is also one of the largest and richest companies in the world. In 2010, Alphabet was trading at $218 per share, it has now risen to $1,519 per share (at time of writing) which has lead to a return of 577.62% in 10 years. Which is the same as 57% per year.

Alphabet is a great company to invest in as it is so diverse with the amount of subsidiaries they own, and the amount of cash they have at disposal. I believe that in the next 10 years, Alphabet will be worth well over $3000 a share.

4. Bitcoin

Now this is an interesting one because I am not the biggest fan of cryptocurrencies. They went through a massive bubble in late 2017 and now everyone seems to think that they are the next best thing. I think in the 10-15 years there probably won’t be too much progress with all cryptocurrencies but there probably will be some progress with bitcoin. However, cryptos are a very volatile market and in late 2017 early 2018, you could’ve made money by investing into pretty much any ICO at the time as long as you knew when to sell. A friend of mine turned £100 into £4000 in a month by investing into ICO’s. Of course now that bubble has burst and they’re nowhere near as profitable as they were.

However, for the sake of this article it was one of the most profitable investments of the last decade, not necessarily for the full 10 years but it was for a few years

Let’s say you bought it in august 2013, for a price of £68.66 per bitcoin. At its peak it reached £15,514. But now sits at around £8000 per bitcoin. So from 2013 to peak it returned around 22,495% and from 2013 to now it’s around 11,000%.


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